Friday Favouirtes

(Via Atlas Artisans)
Love a good sofa throw, or bedding piece.

(Via Old English Co)
I am searching for a couple of fancy cushions for my plain black sofa.. this one caught my eye.

(Via Unknown)
I saw this dinosaur ornament/holder whilst flicking through Instagram, it was a repost so i have no idea where it's from :'(

(Via Sainsburys store)
It's a known fact that I have far too many cups to actually use... however I bought this little beaut in Sainsburys and it was a bargain. It was a must. 

(Unknown image from Pinterest)
This hair colour is divine. 

(Via Live Sweet Hamilton)

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Cotton Tails

Recently I started volunteering at the RSPCA and Cat's Protection. I've being prioritising my Mondays and Tuesdays to socialise with some of the rescue cats and rabbits. I've also been enjoying the little bit of sunshine we've had by walking a couple of dogs through East Ardsley. One of my favourites is a rabbit that resembles a Dalmatian and a Saluki doggie. I've also made some new like-minded friends which, i have been grateful for because the first couple of days felt like starting a new job. Enjoyable, but worried that i might be doing something wrong.

"Do what you can, when you can."

Last week, myself and Adam attended an open day at the College of Animal Welfare in Tingley, to gain more knowledge about their Veterinary Nursing degree. There was a short but thorough presentation and we were shown around the site. It was really impressive, there's a veterinary clinic, hydrotherapy pool, grooming salon, kennels and cattery pens onsite. These facilities will give the students valuable opportunities to gain real hands on practical experience within a veterinary practice. Not to mention that the first couple of months is theory work based at the college site and the rest of the year spent in your chosen veterinary practice/placement. Another bonus is that the course accepts 25 students each year, so its quite different from the hundreds that other universities tend to take on.
The facilities were professional, there's plenty of space and learning resources available. 

Soooo now I'm currently working on my application to apply for this fall. Wish me luck!

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Mint Tea Recipe // Natural Flu Remedy

Mint tea tastes so good and fresh! This week I've been feeling under the weather with flu, and like always i comfort myself with herbal tea, honey and other flu remedies. My mother reminds me that "the flu can leave you dehydrated so drink lots" do i need a better excuse to drink out of pretty cups? I think not. 

Fresh mint tea is so fragrant and relaxing, prepare yourself to develop a new addiction. In terms of flavour and quality, there is no comparing fresh mint to dried tea bags. Dried tea does have a longer shelf life and is tasty, but it can become bitter if over brewed. There isn't that problem with fresh mint. If anything, the longer the fresh mint brews, the more oils are released into your cup of goodness!


There's no need to remove the mint sprigs or leaves from your cup before drinking. I find that the mint is sweet enough without any sugar, but add a squeeze of honey to your own taste. 


  • A handful of mint leaves or whole sprigs 
  • 250ml of boiling water
  • 1-2 table spoons of honey


Boil the kettle, grab a handful of sprigs and place them into your cup. When ready, pour the water over the leaves and let it to brew for five minutes before drinking. Voila, Enjoy!

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If we were on a coffee date

Thanks to Kasia, over at Dipped in Rococo, I was introduced to an excitingly new link up created by Heartnatured. Using this platform will help talk about vulnerable or silly topics, our likes and dislikes or stories and adventures that we're thinking about. It's my treat, so what's your order?

Classic Hot Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brownie @ HC
If we were on a coffee date, i'd order a Hot Chocolate.. and would begin by telling you how excited i am for my interview at the RSPCA (Leeds/Wakefield) tomorrow! And that I plan on going to The College of Animal Welfare's open day, next Saturday to see their facilities and to gain more knowledge about their Veterinary Nursing Degree/Diploma courses. 

I would tell you that i had my very first performance appraisal at Hotel Chocolat and i can finally relax as it went well. I was feeling nervous about it, even though i know that i work hard but there's always room for improvements.. It was a nice reward, hearing that the management team had noticed my efforts and thanked me. I also set goals that i aim to reach within set time frames. Those goals are,

  • To learn the current cocktail specs/classics by heart and also to utilise the 'one touch' pouring technique when making a large order
  • Be able to recommend one of every beverage and have knowledge of the product to entertain and hold a conversation with customers
  • Creating a cocktail or adding a twist to an existing one, using HC products and have it featured as a Cocktail of the Month or added to the menu
  • Being promoted 
Hotel Chocolat, Roast & Conch Bar

I'm really enjoying my job at the moment, it's beginning to get busier which is a nice change from 'Dry-anuary'. So if you're in Leeds (or London, Rabot 1745), pop in for a cheeky Praline Soother (if you're a chocoholic) or maybe a Coco 75 (for the gin & prosecco lovers!) ;)

Praline & Salted Caramel Soothers
I would also like to admit that I've had Walking Dead withdrawal symptoms but watching Blind Spot and American Horror Story has been a temporary fix.

And finally i'd like to mention, that there maybe another cotton tail around here soon, I'm looking to adopt another bunny to keep Ruby company. 

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Friday Favourites

(Via Happiness Planner)

(Via Happiness Planner)

One of my biggest weaknesses is a pretty diary or notebook! I would love to try using a Happiness Planner , I've read that it's supposed to encourage positive thinking, gratitude and self-development. Before you start writing daily pages, you have to create a happiness roadmap with questions that will get you to think about yourself and your life. 

One of my goals for the new year is to embrace the art of positive thinking, by making each day a good day rather than worrying about the future or past, i think this planner could be a useful tool, a kind of therapy. 
(Via Happiness Planner)
Happiness Planner also make meaningful, hand painted and foiled Happy Cards. These would brighten my day for sure! (I'd like to feel the textures..)

(Via Ebenotti)

Hellooo monochrome, these handmade ceramic plant pots would be perfect for my little collection of house plants that are currently planted in recycled (Creme Brûlée) glass pots. Err Mr Swfit.. I will casually drop subtle hints for these baby's!

(Via Ebenotti)

So, I was aiming to do one image per artist but ooohh my! Just look at these adorable, pinched porcelain whiskey cups also made by Ebenotti.

(Via Silken Favours)

Speaking of plants, how about a cat and cactus shirt?

(Via Jennys Knit Co)
I'm a huge fan of oversized chunky knits, especially when it comes to jumpers and hats but what about a kitty bed? I wonder if my Ruby would sleep in one of these..

(Via Peony Knits)

Peony Knits is one of my favourite shops on Etsy and Instagram. I really like the colours used to knit this striped, pom fair isle hat. Perfect for the cold weather we've got here at the moment.

(Via Elma Shop)
Something for valentines? This midline Giselle bra made by Elma Shop looks super cute and dainty.

(Via Idle Wild Co)
Jungle themed, weekly desk pad made by Idle Wild Co. This would be perfect to write my weekly schedule on. 

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Ceramic Artist

Sometimes you just see things that make you smile and you'll think to yourself 'I need one of those in my life'. That was my reaction when i first saw these ceramic makes, made by Danielle Pedersen (aka Small Wild). The ring holders are super cute and I  h a v e  to get my very own rabbit necklace or ornament for my birthday (insert emoji with heart eyes here).

(Via Small Wild)
(Via Small Wild)
(Via Small Wild)

Jasmie Simpson is an artist I've mentioned before, (here) when i first discovered her at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. She makes much larger scaled ceramic ornaments compared to those made by Danielle Pedersen. The gold paint really does it for me, i think it adds more detail to the character. I particularly like the bears and can imagine one sitting on my windowsill next to my succulent plants.

(Via Jasmie Simpson)
(Via Jasmie Simpson)
(Via Jasmie Simpson)
Eleonor Bostrom is a Swedish potter and illustrator, she makes great pieces that feature people and animals, mainly dogs. I first came across Eleonor on a Tumblr post and i found her haberdashery dogs and drawings humorous. The ceramic dogs are upholstered with tiny pincushions and their tails can hold a bobbin!

(Via Eleonor Bostrom)
(Via Eleonor Bostrom)
(Via Eleonor Bostrom)
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Best of Tumblr

(Via Aitana Baeza, knitwear designer)
I am in love, this cardigan is a piece of beauty, that i wanna feel!

(Via unknown source)
(Via unknown source)
Dalmatians and German Shepherds are my favourite breeds of dogs.. just look at'um!

(Via unknown source)
My kind of tattoo, simplistic thin lines.

(Via Melissa Laree Cunningham)
I adore this photographer, she captures stunning moments. Also, that hair style and colour is perf.

(Via G Kero)
Original hand painted 'Space Man' shirt, featuring illustrations of David Bowie.

(Via unknown source)
Scandinavian design is influencing me a lot recently, i like the simplicity and functionality of it.

(Via Rocky, the French Bull dog)
Awwwhhhhhh I'll just leave this here for you's to coo over.

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